What should you do as a Defendant?

Sometimes we have to face the problem that suddenly appeared as defendants were arrested because of a case. Be accused of a case is a difficult thing, especially for the families and friends of the defendant. Convoluted process in the trial and the high cost of hiring lawyers may add confusion the family which is still being shocked.

If we suddenly are getting arrested by the police, do not be panic. First, you must ask about the arrest warrant. Thorough arrest warrant should be listed: the identity of the suspect/defendant, the reasons for detention, a brief description of the alleged crime cases and place on hold. As well as in case of arrest, you can resist to be arrested if there is one thing upon which there is not. Family or other people who live at home with you are entitled to receive the copies of detention letter.

One right that you can ask as the defendant is asking for the suspension of detention. To get a suspension of detention, there must be a request of the suspect or the defendant, the demand of surety is approved by the investigator or the public prosecutor or the judge, who hold with or without collateral as defined, and approval of the suspect / defendant is detained to comply with the terms and guarantees set.

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