What Are The Areas Dealt By Consumer Attorneys?

Consumer rights violation is a growing concern today. The increasing rise of dishonest businessmen with no regard for the prescribed health & safety standards as well a fair transaction principle – have led to several incidents of unfortunate threats on consumer rights. Thus, you have the consumer attorneys today who are specialized to address the consumer grievances caused from wrongful antics of the dishonest businessmen. The article here discusses the chief areas dealt by consumer attorneys.

Consumer fraud

Consumer fraud is one of the most significant areas looked after by consumer attorneys. If you have been treated unfairly or have been deceived by a business, you mustn’t waste time to consult a good consumer rights attorney. It could be that your insurance agent has denied your legitimate claim or you have lost money to some scam artist. The consumer attorney will help you to take legal stand against these fraudsters that would include class or individual action lawsuit filed against the dishonest business. The lawyer would even notify on appropriate state attorney or attorney general which usually act as the consumer watchdogs- urging the government to come up with criminal investigations.

Warranty theft

Warranty is the promise forwarded by product seller or manufacturer to support the consumer in case the item fails to perform as expected, within a set period of time. In US, the warranty guarantee is protected under Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, UCC & Federal Trade Commission Regulations. In case, you have denied of the warranty guarantee within the set time as forwarded by the seller or manufacturer, you can consult a consumer attorney to file breach of the warranty lawsuit – or to ensure an out-of-court legal settlement with seller or manufacturer.

Identity theft

In case you find that a store where you shopped has misused your credit card information you can always hire a consumer lawyer to file lawsuit against identity theft. As much as the sellers are expected to extend unadulterated products they are also responsible to protect their consumers’ privacy. The consumer lawyers working on identity theft would help you in filing the police reports regarding identity fraud, pursuing lawsuit action against thieves and in dealing with creditors to straighten your good reputation.