Men’s Divorce Advice - 7 Critical Tips to Prevent Your Wife’s Shark Lawyer From Making You Poor

Divorce is not a very fun topic to discuss, it is in fact, a gloomy and a stressful subject and a very costly one but contrary to what we’d like to believe, divorces can happen to us and sometimes there’s no escaping it. If you’re caught in the divorce process, you’re doing the right thing by digging up some information and advice. You’re going to need as much information as possible so you don’t have to learn your divorce lessons the hard way. I’ve made some costly and timely divorce mistakes and I feel I’d be doing a good deed by preventing you from making the same mistakes as I did.

Nobody likes to spend money on something that is not worth the while. Simply put, we don’t like to get ripped off. Divorces are already very time-consuming, emotionally draining and a damper on your pockets as is. We really don’t need anybody or anything to rub salt on our already burning wounds. Here are some time, money and sanity saving tips for you to follow:

1. Choose a divorce lawyer with good reviews or recommendations. Never flip through the phone book, close your eyes and point or go by the sound of their name. This is a serious process so hire a lawyer wisely. If you can’t get recommendations, then interview a few lawyers before you make your selection.

2. Be straightforward with your lawyer. This is not the person you want to be shy with or keep secrets from. Tell your lawyer what you want to achieve and what you want out of this. Your request may or not be feasible but you should lay it all out on the table so your lawyer can give you proper guidance.

3. Get a new private mailbox so you can get your mail privately. There’s nothing like a snooping wife playing detective with your private mail. Protect your private information.

4. Remember to save all correspondence with your wife in a communication log.You can write what you spoke about but you should always save written correspondence. Having said that, watch what you write to your wife. Don’t make any idle threats or promises over e-mail. Just remember that she can use that as ammo too.

5. Don’t play childish games. Try to be as much of an adult as possible. Don’t gossip or slander your wife’s name. If you think things are bad now, it will definitely get worse if you’re trash talking. You should also learn to control your temper like a civilized adult. Any aggressive tone or action could be used against you.

6. If you have children, remember that being a father comes first. This is not the time to go out and drunk with your buddies to ease your pain and calm your nerves. It is only a temporary solution but it will have lasting, damaging effects on your children. Consider their feelings and don’t take your stress out on them. Let them know that they are your priority no matter what happens.

7. Last but not least, take care of yourself. Don’t forget to eat healthy, exercise and keep your mind and spirit positive and uplifted. Life will keep going on while you’re in the middle of this stressful time. The world will not stop. You’ll still have to work and be a provider and you will still have to be a noble man and father all while dealing with the divorce.

This is a tough time but there’s no better time to chuck it up, be a man and just roll with the punches-in the most economical and efficient way possible. Good luck!