Learning How to Drink and Fail

Portal:CharactersHave you ever woke up in the drunk tank at your county jail with nothing but hard, bright orange plastic sandals serving as your pillow with a number of suspicious looking men surround you? I have! And it’s not an experience that I have any intention to ever repeating again. It’s a sad state of affairs that I cannot even remember what had happened to me - clearly, I was drunk the previous night and attempted to drive home from the bar. With the help of my phoenix dui attorney I was able to piece together the rest of the night from the friends that I had gone to the bar with as well as the police report and the accompanying video shot from the dash cam of his cruiser. Clearly, I have never been that intoxicated in my entire life. I’ve never driven drunk in my life so the fact that I actually did so that night just shows exactly how blasted I was.

It’s unfortunately, really. The friends that I had originally gone with to celebrate the birthday of a friend of a friend did nothing to stop me. I cannot recall a time where we didn’t attempt to stop any one of us from driving drunk but for whatever reason this night was the night that it should happen. So there I was on the dash cam of a police cruiser attempting to balance myself on one leg only to hop wildly in a circle before crashing over the guard rail and down into the ditch below. I cannot think of a more pathetic time in my life than that moment right there: part of me is very glad that I don’t remember it happening! Thankfully my attorney was able to give me a fairly light punishment but I will never take my own car to the bar again.