Illogic At Its Best - Kapil Sibal The Eminent Lawyer

There is no disputing the fact DEMOCRACY is the best conceivable form of governance. But then there is something terribly wrong with our model of democracy and even the elected leaders know that. But then it is too much to expect them to do anything about it. Why would they? After all they are the beneficiaries of this flawed system and expecting anything from them in this regard would be stupid as they have a vested interest in the continuance of the existing order.

Corruption has been the main issue for a long time now and the mute majority that happens to be the worst affected has been seething! The movement headed by Anna Hazare is PEOPLES’ MOVEMENT and this was, in a sense, waiting to happen; perhaps waiting for one such leader who is above board with a clean impeccable record to lead it. It was also important that the leader was in no way connected with the RSS or VHP. And they have finally found this leader in Anna Hazare.

Kapil Sibal, the eminent lawyer has dismissed Anna Hazare as a non- entity for the simple reason he is not an elected leader. In the light of this argument all those hundreds of elected leaders with a criminal past are according to him LEADERS and an honest Anna Hazare a NON- ENTITY!

According to this logic Mahatma Gandhi was no leader because he had not contested any election!