How To Find a Cheap Lawyer

How To Find a Cheap Lawyer


We all know the costs of retaining a lawyer. Here are some ways to save on legal fees and make it easy on the wallet.

1. Legal Forums - If your searching online for legal advice you might consider legal forums. Do a search and find a goog responsive forum. You would be surprised at the quality of information found there.

2. Mediators - Mediators bring both parties to a common ground. This is a good way to avoid the major costs. Custody and divorce cases often use mediators between parents to sort out the more personal issues in turn saving thousands.

3. Online Referral Service - When you need to find a lawyer an online a referral service may be your ticket. Referral services are free and you can find a local pre screened lawyer in your area thats willing to take your case.

Overall the most effective way in my opinion would be a referral service such as LegalMatch. You simply submit your case at their site and they find you up to 4 referrals at no cost.

Author: Winston Caver

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