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How to Survive Tax and IRS Audits

216915-Mehdiyoun-2I receive many calls from individuals and business owners who are being audited by the IRS or by Maryland, Virginia or Washington D.C. tax authorities. The audits could be for income taxes, corporate taxes, payroll taxes or sales taxes. Unfortunately, many taxpayers decide to go it alone when they are initially contacted by the IRS auditors. During the audit meeting their lack of knowledge about tax audit procedures costs them dearly. They reveal financial information that they didn’t need to, they try to conceal information that the IRS or Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. auditors know already or fail to meet deadlines for appeal consideration. Each of those mistakes may cause thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in higher tax bills.

For example, if you fail to make a timely request for appeal, you will lose your appeal rights and your only remedy may be costly and uncertain litigation in tax court. Many issues that come up during a tax or IRS audit are technical issues and require intimate knowledge of tax law and procedures.

A frequent issue for businesses that get an IRS audit letter is business expenses. IRS usually argues that certain business expenses are not properly deducted. Businesses may also face a sales tax audit. Many business owners don’t know whether the goods and services they provide are subject to sales taxes. Simply assuming that they are not, can be a very costly mistake. One of my clients started his landscaping business in Washington D.C. many years ago and never collected sales tax because he simply assumed landscaping services was not subject to sales tax in Washington D.C.  Almost ten years later he was audited by the District of Columbia Office of Tax & Revenue and faced a $400,000 sales tax bill plus interest and penalties.

During an audit the IRS or Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Tax Auditors will want to inspect your financial records such as invoices, bank statements, receipts, etc. The auditors will then compare those records with the information you provided on your tax returns.

Handling a tax or IRS audit is a very delicate process. Missteps are very costly and some individuals or businesses never recover from the consequences of such avoidable mistakes. My strong advice is to contact a competent Maryland tax lawyer or a knowledgeable Virginia or Washington IRS attorney  as soon as you learn about the audit. I have helped hundreds of taxpayers by representing them before the IRS or Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. tax auditors. My practice is focused on tax controversy, tax disputes, tax settlements, back taxes and tax audit representation. I am a Columbia University graduate and in addition to a Juris Doctor degree I have advanced degrees in tax law from Georgetown University Law School. Please visit my website to learn how I can assist you in your tax matter. You may also call me at (240) 499-8333.

Different Types Of Law

Types Of LawThere are many different types of family law. These different types of law are used to resolve various issues that are related to families. Usually it’s practiced by divorce attorneys. These are lawyers who are specifically trained and knowledgeable about different aspects of the laws regarding legal relationships. In general, there are two specific fields of family law. There are laws that have to do with marital issues, including divorces and there are some that deal with alternative situations, including custody issues. Here is a short rundown of the different types.

Various Types of Law in england

Whenever many people consider legal professionals, that they invariably think of criminal court cases when a lawyer will be both acting as the actual defence or perhaps criminal prosecution. This could be due to the influx regarding tv shows which depict legal companies along with cases in this manner. Even though there are numerous professionals who do this kind of as a daily part of their task, there are lots of a lot more lawyers along with lawyers whom focus on extremely specific aspects of the law within very different ways. Because the legislation is such an easy as well as wide-ranging topic, lots of people entering an authorized career opt to focus on a certain place. There are lots of subsections which cover virtually every facet of existence. One particular legal professional wouldn’t be in a position to offer expert consultancy upon most authorized regions, so it’s essential that legal professionals focus on different locations.

What exactly are A few Typical Types of Law Fits in Real Property Trading?

The three major types of law fits that I observe tend to be violation regarding agreement by way of a owner, breach of deal by way of a customer along with non-disclosure of the substantial home lack to a consumer. Here are these types of law suits and just how that they modify the events involved.

How Certain Types of Law Are Thriving During the Recession

You have your undergraduate degree from college and really have always been fascinated in law. After you apply to several law schools you get into your favorite choice and you are headed off for 3 years of intense study to learn all the aspects of being an attorney or a lawyer. This will describe all of the types of law that there are like The Woodlands bankruptcy attorney, The Woodland bankruptcy lawyer and a Houston bankruptcy attorney. It will also discuss some new types of law that are now studied.