Before Divorce - Pro Se or Lawyer

When you are first considering a divorce, there are usually a million things running through your head… how do I find a lawyer? How much will they cost? Am I going to win? These are usually just a few of the questions that most men just like you have in the beginning stages of divorce. But don’t worry, thousands of fathers have had the same questions and survived and so will you!

Usually when we hear from men who need help, they have already used a lawyer and haven’t found the success, if any, that they were looking and hoping for. They are usually confused as to what their options are now that they have “failed” with a lawyer and they don’t know what to do now. All they know is they are getting screwed in court and still have a huge bill to pay they lawyers who don’t seem to be doing much, if anything, at all. However, many men are still reluctant to take over their cases on their own when they first talk with us. All they know is they aren’t winning, they aren’t sure what to do, but they know they know something needs to change and change fast.

When we talk to men who aren’t completely happy with their lawyer’s performance, but don’t want to fire them and go it alone, we often suggest a “hybrid” approach. By “hybrid” we mean that you can retain your lawyer, but you also take more control in the approach to the case and in things like paperwork. This is often where we get involved in helping fathers obtain the information they need to make informed decisions in their own cases, instead of solely relying on their lawyers.

Remember, as nice or as well intentioned as your lawyer is, when they go to court for you they are often seeing the same judge or couple of judges for multiple clients. It isn’t in their best interests to rock the boat for your case, even if that’s exactly what’s needed to win your case. So when you sense this happening, it is in your best interests to take over all or part of your case. You can always call us for a free consultation if you are at any time confused by what your next move should be or if you are frustrated in any way with the direction your case is going.