A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Decide If You Have a Good Case

If you suffer an injury that is the result of someone else’s negligence or occurs on their property, you may be able to pursue legal action against them. The best thing to do in this type of situation is to seek out a personal injury lawyer for advice and guidance.

All too often a person becomes hurt on another person’s property and they rush to file a claim against the property owner. Rather than consult with an attorney to make sure they have a strong case, they take matters into their own hands. A large majority of cases are dismissed or ruled in favor of the negligent party because enough due diligence was not exercised by the victim.

Not all cases end up in front of a judge. Many cases are resolved during a settlement hearing. This is where the negligent party’s defense team makes an offer to the victim. In many cases this offer is much lower than what the victim is seeking or rightfully deserves. The victim has the right to accept or refuse any offer that is made. If neither side is able to agree on an offer, then the claim can be taken to trial and ruled on by a judge. Once a claim goes to trial, it is then up to the jury or judge to determine whether or not the defendant (negligent party) is liable and how much they have to pay to the victim.

One common mistake that many victims make is not realizing the severity of their injuries. They assume that their wounds are minor and don’t hire a personal injury lawyer when one is needed. Another mistake is accepting the very first offer without really discussing the matter or seeking professional advice. Once an offer is accepted, the victim no longer has the right to pursue further legal action in the future. This also results in the victim receiving much less compensation than they really deserve.

In some cases, what appear to be minor wounds can turn into major health issues later on. If that happens, how will you afford the medical care? This is something that any person who gets hurt needs to think about immediately after the incident occurs. A good personal injury lawyer can negotiate a better deal and make sure that any future medical expenses are included in any offer that is received.

Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultations and often won’t charge you unless they win your case. Don’t let the negligent party get away with this injustice. Take the time to discuss your situation with an attorney before you take any further action. This will significantly increase your chances of getting a fair settlement.

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