A chocolate a day, keep the lawyer away

Life has become carrier oriented nowadays. Everyone has to work to meet the both ends. As the people are behind the physical pleasures, it has become a daily practice to work more time and spend a little time in home. This habit has affected the family relations a lot. When both husband and wife are working, there may an ego clash also between them. While both are earning the thought of being the superior will come in between them. When both are financially independent, there will be a bit of difficulty in adjusting with each other. Both will think that there is no need to succumb to the pressure as they live on their won money and they also earn well. Such situations will lead to a break in the family relations. That is why more and more divorce cases are reported nowadays. s.

Life is not a silly thing and it happens only once. Why should we waste in silly fights? If you have the will you can make it as sweet as a fountain chocolate. If you are ready to make a bit of sacrifice in the name of love you can make your life more enjoyable as a French chocolate. Just try to offer a galler chocolate to your spouse every day and watch for the difference. It is not because of any magical power galler chocolate is carrying. He or she can feel your love by doing so. This understanding is very much important for a stable family life. So with German Chocolate or French chocolate you can avoid meeting a lawyer for filing divorce.

Now, let us leave the story of fountain chocolate and come to the realities. Love is not something you should keep inside your heart. It should be there and it also should be felt by others. Then only you can call the love as a complete one. We are just human beings and do not have any divine power to read other’s heart and mind. So we should let others to experience our love for them by simple nodes. Giving away something they like the most is one such gesture. The German chocolate and French chocolate will be everybody’s natural choice as they are delicious and never get bored by eating them frequently. Any good and delicious food for that matter will work in the same way. Being less expensive and easy to carry, chocolates have become a favorite for many. So if you can offer a galler chocolate every day to your spouse you can reduce the friction at home to a considerable extent. In turn this will make your relations more strong in due course. Thus you can reduce the number of divorce cases.

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