How To Find Commercial Properties To Buy

So how do you acquisition bartering backdrop that fit into your investment criteria? It can be arduous and it may yield a while but it is absolutely account it.

Before you alpha your bartering acreage search, you should know: what blazon of property, what amount of acknowledgment (cap rate), and how abundant money you wish to spend.

And afore you alpha analytic for backdrop all beyond the U.S., I would advance that you apply in your bounded bazaar until you accept abundant acquaintance to adventure out.

So you accept all of those questions answered, so lets yield a attending at altered sources for award properties.

Commercial Realtors

I would say that your best bet is to acquisition a acceptable bartering realtor to advice you in your search. Not alone can a acceptable realtor locate the backdrop but they can aswell accommodate abetment with your due activity (notice I didn’t say “do” your due diligence). Also, the abettor of the acreage will usually accept a realtor, so it is in your best absorption to accept anyone apery you. By the way, it is usually the abettor that pays the commission, so you will not accept any costs with the realtor.

If you’ve done your appointment and apperceive absolutely what you want, you shouldn’t accept any botheration award a realtor to plan with you. I would account at atomic 3 agents to accomplish abiding that it is a acceptable bout amid you. A acceptable realtor will acquisition bartering backdrop that you accept outlined, as far as blazon and price. On the added hand, don’t decay their time either. They get paid at closing, so don’t accept an abettor absorb a year award backdrop for you and you can’t accomplish a accommodation or if you’re afraid to accomplish that leap. Nobody brand to plan for free, so be acquainted of that.

To acquisition a bartering realtor, you can go online to the National Association of Realtors or you can aswell ask for recommendations from added investors or analysis out your bounded newspaper.

So for whatever reason, you’ve absitively not to use the casework of a realtor, what added means can you acquisition bartering properties?


The internet has exploded with altered websites to advice you acquisition bartering properties. The a lot of accepted is They action chargeless & paid examination sources. If you are a austere investor, again pay the account fee to get the best properties. Aswell there is addition website, This website is geared appear bartering realtors but it offers accomplished products.

Of course, there are added absolute acreage forums and user groups area you can acquisition bartering acreage for sale. The alone down ancillary to the internet search, is that it is actual bound if you are analytic for bounded properties. For bounded properties, try


An generally disregarded adjustment for award bartering backdrop is through networking. You can go to your bounded absolute acreage investment accumulation and column a flyer advertence that you are analytic for bartering properties. You can try this aswell at Chamber of Commerce meetings. Also, accompany a bounded accumulation of architecture owners, accommodation owners, and arcade centermost owners associations.

The aloft methods will action you the best befalling to acquisition bartering properties. However, you can aswell try the classifieds in your bounded bi-weekly or thrifty paper. You can aswell drive about and attending for “For Sale” signs. They ability not be the quickest way to acquisition a bartering acreage but it can’t hurt.