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How to Survive Tax and IRS Audits

216915-Mehdiyoun-2I receive many calls from individuals and business owners who are being audited by the IRS or by Maryland, Virginia or Washington D.C. tax authorities. The audits could be for income taxes, corporate taxes, payroll taxes or sales taxes. Unfortunately, many taxpayers decide to go it alone when they are initially contacted by the IRS auditors. During the audit meeting their lack of knowledge about tax audit procedures costs them dearly. They reveal financial information that they didn’t need to, they try to conceal information that the IRS or Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. auditors know already or fail to meet deadlines for appeal consideration. Each of those mistakes may cause thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in higher tax bills.

For example, if you fail to make a timely request for appeal, you will lose your appeal rights and your only remedy may be costly and uncertain litigation in tax court. Many issues that come up during a tax or IRS audit are technical issues and require intimate knowledge of tax law and procedures.

A frequent issue for businesses that get an IRS audit letter is business expenses. IRS usually argues that certain business expenses are not properly deducted. Businesses may also face a sales tax audit. Many business owners don’t know whether the goods and services they provide are subject to sales taxes. Simply assuming that they are not, can be a very costly mistake. One of my clients started his landscaping business in Washington D.C. many years ago and never collected sales tax because he simply assumed landscaping services was not subject to sales tax in Washington D.C.  Almost ten years later he was audited by the District of Columbia Office of Tax & Revenue and faced a $400,000 sales tax bill plus interest and penalties.

During an audit the IRS or Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Tax Auditors will want to inspect your financial records such as invoices, bank statements, receipts, etc. The auditors will then compare those records with the information you provided on your tax returns.

Handling a tax or IRS audit is a very delicate process. Missteps are very costly and some individuals or businesses never recover from the consequences of such avoidable mistakes. My strong advice is to contact a competent Maryland tax lawyer or a knowledgeable Virginia or Washington IRS attorney  as soon as you learn about the audit. I have helped hundreds of taxpayers by representing them before the IRS or Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. tax auditors. My practice is focused on tax controversy, tax disputes, tax settlements, back taxes and tax audit representation. I am a Columbia University graduate and in addition to a Juris Doctor degree I have advanced degrees in tax law from Georgetown University Law School. Please visit my website to learn how I can assist you in your tax matter. You may also call me at (240) 499-8333.

What Are The Areas Dealt By Consumer Attorneys?

Consumer rights violation is a growing concern today. The increasing rise of dishonest businessmen with no regard for the prescribed health & safety standards as well a fair transaction principle – have led to several incidents of unfortunate threats on consumer rights. Thus, you have the consumer attorneys today who are specialized to address the consumer grievances caused from wrongful antics of the dishonest businessmen. The article here discusses the chief areas dealt by consumer attorneys.

Consumer fraud

Consumer fraud is one of the most significant areas looked after by consumer attorneys. If you have been treated unfairly or have been deceived by a business, you mustn’t waste time to consult a good consumer rights attorney. It could be that your insurance agent has denied your legitimate claim or you have lost money to some scam artist. The consumer attorney will help you to take legal stand against these fraudsters that would include class or individual action lawsuit filed against the dishonest business. The lawyer would even notify on appropriate state attorney or attorney general which usually act as the consumer watchdogs- urging the government to come up with criminal investigations.

Warranty theft

Warranty is the promise forwarded by product seller or manufacturer to support the consumer in case the item fails to perform as expected, within a set period of time. In US, the warranty guarantee is protected under Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, UCC & Federal Trade Commission Regulations. In case, you have denied of the warranty guarantee within the set time as forwarded by the seller or manufacturer, you can consult a consumer attorney to file breach of the warranty lawsuit – or to ensure an out-of-court legal settlement with seller or manufacturer.