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Learning How to Drink and Fail

Portal:CharactersHave you ever woke up in the drunk tank at your county jail with nothing but hard, bright orange plastic sandals serving as your pillow with a number of suspicious looking men surround you? I have! And it’s not an experience that I have any intention to ever repeating again. It’s a sad state of affairs that I cannot even remember what had happened to me - clearly, I was drunk the previous night and attempted to drive home from the bar. With the help of my phoenix dui attorney I was able to piece together the rest of the night from the friends that I had gone to the bar with as well as the police report and the accompanying video shot from the dash cam of his cruiser. Clearly, I have never been that intoxicated in my entire life. I’ve never driven drunk in my life so the fact that I actually did so that night just shows exactly how blasted I was.

It’s unfortunately, really.

Top 10 Interview Questions For a Lawyer

If you’re unprepared, hiring a lawyer can be one of the most stressful activities in one’s life. Lucky for you, figuring out what interview questions for a lawyer doesn’t have to be as complicated as you would initially think. Here’s a general overview of interview questions for a lawyer that no lawyer should be hired without answering first.

1.What is your background in this area? Your attorney should either be an expert or have significant experience in the field.

2.Who else in your firm would work on my case? Are you going to get shuffled off to a junior attorney as soon as the papers are signed? Ask for the details on who will be doing what.

3.What is your general cost estimate? The million dollar question - what will this cost me? Although you’ll likely get a vague response, you should be able to get a rough estimate.

4.How will I be informed of any developments in this case? This is also a great opportunity for you to discuss communication. Will you be discussing progress weekly, monthly? How will you be informed of progress? And how often?

5.What is the possibility of a successful outcome? You want someone working for you that’s confident in your case and believes in your efforts.

6.What are the chances of settling the case before trial? The stronger your case, the less likely the other side will want you to go to trial.

7.Approximately how long will it take to resolve this issue? Some lawsuits can take years to resolve, you don’t want to this unprepared. Ask your lawyer what he or she expects the time frame to be.

8.What’s your approach (i.e. aggressive and unyielding or are you more inclined to reach a reasonable settlement)? You want to make sure you’re prepared for your lawyer’s style. Not to mention, if you want someone who is hard-hitting, you don’t want someone who isn’t as aggressive in the courtroom.

9.Can I see a reference or two? This is not among the unusual interview questions for a lawyer. Most prospective clients feel funny asking, but they shouldn’t. If a lawyer can’t present the proper papers, there must be a legitimate reason on their behalf.

10.Are there any alternatives to resolving this issue? No one wants to go to court. So, what are the alternatives for your case? What can this attorney do to resolve your case in your favor as quickly as possible?

Thinking of interview questions for a lawyer doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Adjust this list to meet your individual needs and you’ll never be lost or confused when hiring a lawyer again.

Finding Your Litigation Savior In An Alexandria Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries caused due to the callousness of others can cause severe effects on your life. Paying the medical bills can dig a hole in your pocket, so get your Alexandria Personal Injury Lawyer for that necessary legal assistance. These lawyers can help obtain your rightful share for both litigation and settlement claims through their knowledge and effective negotiation skills. >

A personal loss is irreparable. Especially, when your family members die, they leave that big gaping wound inside you which can never be healed permanently. Even a fatal injury caused to you or any family member by careless third parties, can have serious financial and emotional repercussions. For personal injuries, you are entitled to injury compensation benefits. An personal injury lawyer of high caliber can be the right answer to all your hardship during these stressful times. S/he can offer you sound legal advice on claiming medical benefits for such accidents caused due to negligence of others. The lawyer can also support you in the legal proceedings to claim the fair share of your compensation.

What Your Lawyer Is Expected To Do

The right lawyer can help you claim your rightful share to meet your medical expenses in these traumatic times. The lawyer needs to have sufficient legal acumen to convince the responsible individuals, their insurance organizations and their cut-throat lawyers. Even for filed lawsuits, most such cases are mutually settled before court trials. However, your personal injury lawyer should be capable of handling out-of-court settlement offers as well as judicial proceedings if needed. Your lawyer must be fully aware of all the procedures in place for effective negotiation of your rightful claim.

How To Select The Right Lawyer

It is important to select the correct lawyer considering the person’s know-how and successful stint in this field. Years of experience in solving such cases on accidental benefits can be considered as added criteria. Check if your lawyer has the necessary resources and legal expertise to argue your case in court if the need arises. He must do thorough research on the guilty individuals and insurance coverage details, and focus on evidence accumulation, damage evaluation and necessary documentation. Formal court litigations are usually the last step if mutual settlements do not work out. The lawyer must be able to take the heat from unwilling parties and negotiate effectively to settle your claims.

Over and above, it is imperative that your Alexandria Personal Injury Lawyer is committed to your individual concerns. S/he should display adequate compassion to fight for your cause given your personal sufferings. Your lawyer should be empathetic to your situation and treat your case as a top priority. Step back from those lawyers who will consider you as another case on her/his list of legal suits on personal injury claims.

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Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle crash and were seriously injured as the result? You may be thinking that it’s best to try to represent yourself in this case, because you don’t necessarily want to spend the money to hire an attorney. This may seem like a good idea at the onset. However, you’d be making a huge mistake not to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to take care of your case.

The first thing you should understand is that going up against companies and corporations is not a cakewalk. Many of these businesses, especially the larger ones, have legal teams that are suited for just these types of cases. They are paid big bucks to ensure that their clients come out on top. So, going up against them by yourself would not be wise. Soliciting the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer would increase your chances of getting the justice you deserve. This isn’t just frivolous money, after all. It will more than likely be needed to cover the costs of your injuries, missed time at work, and any damages to property.

It doesn’t matter if you received seemingly minor injuries or major ones. Hospital bills can really add up. Even if you only sustained a broken leg or arm, this could end up costing thousands of dollars. Then, you would still have to pay for pain medicine, if necessary. Unless you are extremely wealthy, having to spend thousands of dollars in medical bills as the result of someone else’s carelessness or mishap would be a disaster for your finances. Even if you do consider yourself wealthy, you shouldn’t have to pay for something that you weren’t responsible for. A motorcycle accident lawyer would be able to come in and ensure that you are properly represented in court, giving you the best chance at having your expenses covered.

Another reason that it’s a good idea to have legal assistance in this case is because of how stressful this time can be. Dealing with injuries, whether temporary or life changing, can be overwhelming for some. That’s because they must get used to their new way of living and getting around. They can’t just get up and go as they please like they used to. An attorney helps to relieve some of the stress by helping to take care of the difficult parts of the case.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of a motorcycle accident lawyer. You may not like the idea of having to pay for legal assistance, but it is actually your best bet.

If you’re not sure that you can handle your case on your own, consider enlisting the help of a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer to help you do your best in court. Schedule a consultation today: .

Legal Services on Contingency Basis

Do you know that all over the United States, most especially in California, a lot of law firms have been offering their legal services on a contingency basis when it comes to personal injury cases? But when we say contingency basis, what exactly does it mean?

Rendering legal services on a contingency basis means that the client will not initially pay any amount of money as attorney’s fees to the lawyer. The lawyer will not charge any acceptance fee, nor any retainer’s fee or any appearance fees upon the client. In this kind of arrangement, the lawyer and the client agree that there will only be payment of attorney’s fees if and when and only in the event that the client’s personal injury lawsuit has been successfully litigated by the lawyer for and in behalf of the client. In short, the lawyer will only be paid if the client’s personal injury case has been won by him. If not, or if the case was unsuccessful, the lawyer will not get anything from the client as attorney’s fees.

At present, the contingency arrangement between a lawyer and a client is becoming more popular. This gives the client the opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent person who caused his or her personal injuries even without spending any amount of money just for the payment of attorney’s fees. This will also help clients to consider filing the personal injury case right away without hesitation or hindrance because of lack of money to finance his or her personal injury lawsuit.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know that there are lots of lawyers offering legal services on a contingency basis, you should already have the courage of pursuing your personal injury lawsuit. There’s no need to hold back and be discouraged. Go and get ready to file your personal injury claim with the help of a lawyer who agrees to render legal services on a contingency basis.