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Trademark Law - Trade Dress and Former Fast Food Buildings May Pose a Problem

As a former franchisor, I am always interested when I hear franchises or the industry talked about in the news. It seems to me that so many people have an incorrect view of what franchising is, but that doesn’t really surprise me. And I suppose few would have the perspective that I do having founded a franchise company, built it up in 23 states, and later retired after selling the operation.

Protecting Your Artwork Under Trademark Law

Art is a rendition of one’s soul painted for the world to see. You would not like it to be stolen or replicas of it made overnight, reaping you of your well-deserved rights, especially when those rights could have been easily protected in a few steps.

Knowing More About Trademark Law

You may be thinking the reason why those huge and also successful organizations offer considerably importance within safeguarding their buy and sell titles. Just what actually is the significance of this kind of art logos inside their enterprise functions? Exactly what legal actions would they exercising in case other companies disregarded their particular protection under the law regarding trademark law?

Privacy Laws and Divorce

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Privacy LawsDivorce is a very public affair with documents being filed in their states courts with public access. For this reason many couples express concern over how their privacy will be handled during such an emotionally charges time. Additionally, because divorce is so emotionally charge, there is a strong tendency for individuals to reveal private information about their former spouse, which can lead to additional lawsuits issuing from what is felt to be an invasion of privacy. Here are the two most common types of lawsuits coming from these privacy issues.

Intrusion of Solitude

The search engines do Not Mistreatment Privacy Laws

The fact Yahoo and google easily palms around info to be able to governments with regards to it can be consumers can be morally on par with a cop’s snitch which specializes in jaywalking. Would it be fair our moves duty buck will help these kind of Yahoo lookups? This is a issue for that tax office, not really Yahoo.