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The Arrest of Henry Louis Gates - Was it Constitutional?

Bill of Rights Lessons from the Nation’s “Teachable Moment”

Public commentary on the Henry Louis Gates incident has revealed widespread popular confusion about the extent of our constitutional rights. If ever there were a perfect moment for Americans and their police to learn more about their Bill of Rights, this is it.

Laptop or computer Encryption and Sixth Change Considerations * Fresh Case Law Cometh

Nearly all wise business people as well as individuals possess accounts for his or her private technology devices to maintain out there neighbor’s eyes, cyber-terrorist, internet burglars, as well as drive back unauthorised use, particularly if we utilize our computer systems as well as laptop computers a good deal for online trading, consumer banking, searching, as well as stuff like that. Right now next, imagine if police officers abruptly are looking for an appearance see at the information should they think a criminal offense “may have got been” dedicated? Goodness me, very good problem, as well as perhaps natural meats soon determine what your courts are saying concerning all of this.

New Legal Paperwork Internet Strategy - Link to Common and Case Law Updated Boiler Plate

It seems with all the rules and regulations, and all the case law on along with all the lawsuits that any time you want to make a business transaction the contracts and paperwork just keep getting bigger and thicker. If you don’t believe me, try to buy a car, a home, or even list your home for sale. It’s just amazing all the forms you have to sign, all the legalese, and all those pages of 8 to 10 point font. Who thinks of all this stuff, and why do we need all this boiler plate in each and every document? We don’t, and I have a new innovative concept to share with you today.